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I'm actively recruiting volunteer devs for a native Signal / Signal-like client in Gtk, in the hopes that we can bring it to the @Purism Librem 5 phone. Please contact if interested.

PGP/GPG: FA9D 40F1 5FE1 D8AB 8312 4AAA 77E3 1447 CD1F C3F6

whee. Testing out in a VM. Thus far: I want my multi-column view. Too bad is doing odd stuff on MacOS.

J'aimerais souhaiter la bienvenue à @Clapico sur pouët.ça! Les nouveaux membres ont besoin des .

I want to welcome @Clapico on pouët.ça! New members need .

Un barrissement ! The first toot / pouët on the newly created mastodon instance! A canadien hosting new social media on the internet.


Un petit endroit pour les petits bruits.
A small place for small noises.