<dons flame suit>

At least two accounts are attempting to hijack asking mods to block individuals for .

While they may have good intentions, their behavior in the threads I have examined belie it. people with inappropriate behavior and then asking respondents be suspended is, imo, suspension-earning behavior.

Besides, for all we know they are trolling progressive instances.

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For our members: we have added a server to our collection of online tools to help you not go out unnecessarily during the pandemic.

Creating new meetings is reserved for Host accounts; contact me for one.

Learn more here: saewyc.ca/bludit/about/chat-te



I was about to say roasted garlic, but then I thought about it... might be *great* as a spread for a savory sandwich.

An espresso with a dash of cinnamon in with the grounds, sweetened with a small amount of maple syrup is one of my personal faves (with a really good croissant.)

Just a quick service note to our Barrir.ca users:

We have added instances of , and , to our collection of webservices. The former is public, the latter is not to prevent abuse.



It is always for me. Ever since someone on Mastodon pointed out where it came from. "rip-it, rip-it".

PSA: initial tests have our server up and running, and at 48 hours the mail server is ticking along just fine.

Welcome aboard, and stay tuned for future services as they come online.

Rétablissant ce domaine dans le !

Je ne suis pas bavard, mais je poste des de , de , et de . J'habite au , je de la , mais je suis d'abord un .

Dites-moi ce que vous lisez! Des pour moi.

Re-establishing this fediverse domain! I am not verbose, but post photos of , , and . I live in , dream of France, but I am a first.

Tell me what you read! For me, .

Pouët ça!