BC, Canada paying for fossil fuel cleanup 

Just to make it painfully clear: this is what the is spending economic recovery money on: subsidizing oil and gas companies.

Not spending it on enforcing oil and gas companies doing what they are supposed to pay for: cleaning up.

Not spending it on building a post-carbon economy.

Pardon the rant.

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BC, Canada paying for fossil fuel cleanup 

"Governments Are Making Subsidize Cleanup of and Wells

Companies are responsible for dormant wells, but the public is helping foot the bill."

Oil and gas companies are not cleaning up their wells. So are paying to get it done. , but this is also Fed Pandemic Recovery $$.


Conservatives reject 'climate change is real' 

" delegates reject adding ' change is real' to the policy book

Delegates voted down green-friendly policies by a margin of 54 per cent to 46"

Party Leader Erin told delegates the party cannot ignore the reality of , but the proposal was not even close to passing despite support in , Atlantic provinces.


Canada lobbying Mexico re: energy 

" ‘Concerned’ Law Will Harm Investments"

How unexpected corporations might be interested in supporting ! Actually, it may just be opposing nationalism. Because societies which favor state-run utilities like social medicine and energy are all complete failures, just look at Norway, China, and New Zealand!


Canada GHG Cap-and-Trade proposal 

" Proposing National Cap-and-Trade Market for

Draft regulations have been posted for a cap-and-trade market titled the Federal Greenhouse Gas Offset System."

It appears modeled on the system, which the government of has crippled by stopping or curtailing monitoring of emissions.


AB, Canadian politics, oil 

" covered $20 million in unpaid for and operators in 2020

The bill for delinquent companies — picked up almost entirely by — is up 3,000% from 2010"

I wonder why the Taxpayers' Federation has not published a faux study on this yet?


France, Women's Rights 

« Nous sommes fortes, nous sommes fières » : avant le 8 mars, des manifestations pour les des dans plusieurs villes de

Des cortèges ont notamment défilé à Nice, Lille, Strasbourg et Paris, en préambule des actions prévues lundi, à l’occasion de la Journée internationale des droits des femmes.

Women in France demonstrate for their rights before International Women's Day, 8 March.


"The world’s biggest is in our own backyard and we need to protect it

’s immense forest covers half of the country and is the largest intact forest in the world. It influences the planet’s , temperature, and , but only a fraction is preserved."


" circulation at weakest in a millennium, say scientists

Decline in system underpinning Gulf Stream could lead to more extreme weather in and higher sea levels on east coast"


" Mobil's total reserves drop by a third after COVID-19 price drop"

After borrowing to cover its , the giant was forced in SEC filings to write off 30% of its 'proved reserves', mostly in and . Earlier in the month the company reported a 22.4 billion USD loss on 2020.



" Won't Invest in and Production"

The private had the 57th largest endowment in the country. While the university, motivated by students and faculty, is moving to from coal and tarsands, they do not plan to elminate companies from their portfolios, but asked their investment managers to consider , , and when investing.


"Running an OnionShare anonymous dropbox on a Raspberry Pi"

Excellent write-up by @micahflee Your own personal file inbox accessible through network, running on a in just a few minutes, using .


Québec + California's Carbon Market auction returns 

" Market: Results of February 17th Auction held between and "

This auction generated 190 million CAD for Québec, which goes into the Electrification and Climate Change Fund, and brings the total income from the carbon market for the province to 4.5 Billion CAD . Pretty soon it adds up to real money.


USA raises Carbon cost to 51 USD/ton 

"How Much Does Change Cost? Raises ’s Dollar Value, but Not by Nearly Enough, Some Say

The administration temporarily increased the “social cost” of carbon, climate-concerned economists say the number is not nearly high enough to meet goals."


"Clean Rises: Is This The Death Of The Industry?"

A simplistic overview, yet it highlights the risks for the industries and the nations which rely on them from an investment point of view. And in that view, is not going away, though it will undergo a sea change.


US Pol, Impeachment 

It seems to me that everyone expects the to violate their oaths.

Half of the voting population insist they must.

Half of the voting population insist they must not.

But the evidence is reasonably clear that Mr. did, indeed, incite the protesters to act violently against Congress. And the oaths sworn by Senators should find him guilty of impeachable offenses.

And we assume more than ⅓ are so dishonorable as to violate that oath. Which is sad.

Alberta, Aus miners vs Albertans 

"Don’t Be Fooled: Is Still Playing the Game

Reinstating the Coal Policy does little to protect the Rockies or already scarce resources relied on by two million people."

The two biggest points: Alberta government worked on behalf of Mining corps while keeping in the dark, and the projects are all still on.


GM, EVs, and oil in Canada 

"Why 's switch to vehicles may be more important for the oilpatch than Keystone XL's cancellation

'The future of transportation, starting now, is electric,' says working with "


"As Mauna Loa Observatory records highest atmospheric dioxide counts, Himalayan glacier bursts in "

is melting the glaciers of the Himalayas, the largest reserve of ice and snow outside of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. is directly linked to rising temperatures, and is currently at its highest measures ever recorded.


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