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'Hello Greta!': Justin 'fields call from '

The pair of pranksters, sometimes linked to the Russian secret service, called the of in January 2020. Once he figured it out, Trudeau ended the call.

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"'HOW CAN WE TRUST THE POLICE?': What people had to say at the board meeting"

After a weekend raid on a peaceful protest related to the exoneration of the police officer who killed a man, the police board heard from constituents over the proposed budget.

" app cannot replace punch clock, tribunal rules"

It's not because the may spy on the workers, or because it might short-change their time. It is because it was not part of the negotiated contract.

USPol, Automakers vs California 

Lest we forget: bet very heavily on winning, and waited until certified 's win to concede that will be able to regulate in the state.

GM, , and other carmakers fought the tighter rules. , , , and agreed to meet them.

" drops support for Trump legal fight over emissions rules"

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" -owned farm opens in remote northern community

Fort Chipewyan's remote solar farm largest of its kind in , federal government says"

2.2 MW installation at 58.7675° N!

" -19 lockdowns have little impact on rising greenhouse gas trend, agency warns

Small drop in emissions in 2020 'cannot be distinguished from natural variability,' finds"

emissions rose in 2020, against expectations, the World Meteorological Organization reported.

ONPoli, IHRA, Free Speech 

"The definition will not help fight anti-Semitism

But it can very much hurt the anti-colonial struggle and academic and advocacy ."

's Premier Doug circumvented to institute IHRA. Its purpose appears to be to define criticism of as , and therefore criminal.

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" services minister overrules senior bureaucrat on probe

Planned probe to look into practices behind fixes in northern "

Chief Chris received a e-mailed fait accompli to sign on Thursday. "…That message contradicted a commitment Miller made to Moonias that the terms of the investigation would be co-developed with the chief and council."

Covid, Saskatoon 

"Wastewater testing suggests virus surging in

"Even if we are being conservative, I think we are looking at about 100 new cases each day within a week." U of S toxicologist Dr. Markus Brinkmann said."

Saskatchewanians: please stay home, stay safe.

<hmms> I think I will news links which are political.

" Confirms It Bought a Tool that ‘Unlocks’ Hidden

After a investigation, Facebook sent a desist notice to the maker who pulled the product."

RCMP purchased tool from company which also pulled entire user timelines from .

"Rights tribunal hands down landmark ruling in racial profiling case

The ruling is "precedent-setting and raises the benchmark on the identification of and measurement and training on racial profiling in ," Fo Niemi says."

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"Comment: The v. : Tearing up , reproducing "

The government of is appealing to the of their case which seeks to refute the tribal rights of the people, an group whose traditional territories exist on both sides of the / border.

"A low-carbon investment boom may be underway in and "

"…But as critics accuse governments of dragging their heels, a series of private sector-led projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan are evidence that profit-motivated entrepreneurs have already seen which way the wind is blowing…"

"The National Post has pulled a story that falsely claimed nearly a million “ineligible people” received Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) support during the COVID-19 pandemic."

" , the parent company of the National Post and owner of many of Canada’s remaining major newspapers, ran the story in at least 17 of its newspapers."

The story links now result if 404 errors.

"Keying off Tyee Revelations, Wants an Investigation

Exposé on Project Wide Awake web adds reasons to consider changing , Angus says."

MP Charlie Angus is a member of the Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics committee.

The Georgia Straight's "Best of Vancouver: Politics" delivers a set of sharp jabs amongst its also well sited awards and kudos.

Some of the awards to see:
* Best antidote to unemployment
* Best impersonation of an early 20th-century political party
* Best place to learn about councillors’ expenses

And the most-deserved award:

* Best investigative journalism by a politician

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