"How our demand for is destroying our world"

Not a subject I have considered previously, yet perfectly logical. Sand is such a part of our daily lives we do not notice our buildings, windows, roads, dishware… everything in the built environment, it seems, uses sand as material or in its production.

As a commodity with increasing scarcity, it leads to conflicts.

What can we do about it?


"Pratt Picks Supplier for - Project"

H55, a spinoff from the Solar Impulse project, develops lightweight propulsion and energy storage systems.

The government of Canada and the province of Québec have committed to funding half the investment into a Dash-8-100 hybrid demonstrator, scheduled to fly in 2024.


" Investments boss says he will continue to invest in sector"

In lock-step with the Canadian government, the program intends to corporations while they 'transition'.

[Canada's rose every year until 2020, when data collection effectively stopped.]

The CPP also reportedly mainains "indirect, passive" investments in .



" Gets its First Grid-Connected Project"

"Tidal power startup Sustainable Marine has begun providing to the grid from an experimental array in 's Bay of Fundy, a region famous for its extreme tidal currents."


"695 MW comes fully online"

The LP, a joint of the Keeyask Nations and Hydro, has commissioned the 7th generating turbine in its project, completing construction.

This project, like all Hydro generation projects since the 1985 Limestone Generation Stn was brought in by an government.


"Niort : le changement climatique se fait sentir dans les comptes de Groupama"

tr: 'Niort: climate change is [being] felt in Groupama's accounts'

Groupama Centre-Atlantique, part of the -based mutual group, reports how the is affecting production in the northern portion of the country.

In at least three Departments of France more than 50% of agricultural lands were declared disasters.


"Colstrip operator Talen files for bankruptcy"

Talen was spun off from Pennsylvania Power & Light in 2015, and owns or operates production in 5 states including , , and facilities. The bankruptcy appears temporally linked with 's legislating "maintenance enforcement and arbitration."


Look at the url!

While scanning for news articles I came across a cluster of Politico.EU articles whose url query begins with "/sponsored-content/…"

These are marketing. Politico is at least responsible enough to not hide they are marketing. But they should not be including them in RSS news feeds, imo.

"The Nation’s transition to : what and where to expect it"

includes land in 3 SW states in the . With the closure of strip mines in their territory, the nation began investing in . Already producing 55 MW, two planned projects will bring production up to 200 MW, the first should complete in Nov. 2022.


" Gamesa signs 192MW onshore turbine supply deal in "

The Wild Rose 2 wind farm being developed in is the destination for 38 turbines. Capstone Infrastructure has a 15 yr power purchase agreement with Pembina corp, making this a not-exactly project.


"A Fight Over America’s Future Erupts on the Canadian Border"

Residents in , organized and funded by and energy corp.s, passed a ballot measure to block 's previously-approved transmission project to bring to . The measure is being tested before Maine's Supreme Court.

The challenge questions whether the can transition away from high .


" has long been used as a geopolitical weapon. Could electrified change that?"

The -scarcity model has concentrated power and influence in the hands of a few. Technology now allows for an energy-plentiful economy, and the nature of is perforce decentralized. But what does that mean now, in real terms?

Will the energy transition lead to a safer, more-peaceful ?


" Met 100% ’s Energy Needs For 2 Minutes, Breaking A Record"

Saturday's lower energy demand allowed California's 18,629 MW of renewable production to carry the whole grid, briefly. It was not a blip, either; the renewable supply was greater than natural gas for 12 hours on April 30th, further proof it is possible to go 100% renewable.



" asks human rights court to dismiss case"

A suit by Norwegian youth argues developing offshore drilling harms the , and their futures. Norway has asked the European Court of Human Rights to "find that the complaint is inadmissible or that there has been no violation."


" Must Divest From the Coastal GasLink — or Might Divest From Them"

( ) is on notice from a group of figures over its ongoing financing of projects, particularly 's (now renamed ) pipeline. The open letter points to the violations of rights and lands, as well as environmental harm.


appears to have prevented the from reaching agreement today on a plan to end dependence on .

DW reported yesterday sources saying the country intended to support a ban on . But has said they cannot yet disconnect .

Currently EU countries send nearly €1 billion per day to Russia for energy, 37x the support provided to .


"Russian Hackers Are Targeting 's Infrastructure"

attacks as well as communications infrastructure have been tied to intelligence. A recent target was Deutsche Windtechnik who is quoted "the turbines that we look after did not suffer any damage and were never in danger.”

may now support an of 's .


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