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Driving through town today, stopped at a traffic light and a FREAKING HUGE HARRIER HAWK swooped down and landed on top of a building. I was on my way to the nature reserve to meet friends for walking so I had my good camera on me :D

#Photography #Birbs

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boost to respect Tama, the Honorary Eternal Stationmaster of the Kishi train station who increased ridership on the Kishigawa Line by almost 20% upon her appointment. RIP

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#UX without consulting the user is not user experience. It's just experience. Building tools without trying to understand the people for which you're doing it means you're building something for someone, but you cannot really reach the full potential of what you're building or in the way of answering the need(s) and issue(s) you think your solving. #UX isn't just wireframes and mockups. It's a mindset.

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@bubblewrap duplicate stitch! while they are thin, that's easy and makes the result look really interesting. I use a different yarn color for that, on purpose.

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@Wolf480pl things like making it stupidly easy for non-geeks to file bug reports, and tightly integrating the issues tracker with the code repos, are a major part of what makes GH, GitLab etc useful. A federated system that doesn't do this is simply *not* a GH replacement, useful as it may be to a tiny minority of back-end engineers @alcinnz@floss.socia @sir

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Since I am still 3 cozies short, I am making up a couple more on-the-fly cable panels. We shall see how things work.

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So I got 5 loads of laundry done, some of the kitchen cleaned, three trips to the trash room, and fair bit of floor cleaning. So I did not accomplish *any* of the original goals. But I did accomplish some things.

Celebrate something, every day.

Breakfast today shall be… tatertots. Because what I thought was a single-serving butter chicken is a family-size serving.

Le déjeuner d'aujourd'hui sera… croque-patate, car le poulet à la sauce crémeuse est pour 4, pas 1.

This morning we could see nothing through the fog, then suddenly it lifted. Small pleasure: watching the weather change.

Ce matin, tout était brouillard, puis tout à coup, il s'est levé. Petit plaisir: regarder le temps changer.

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Je viens d'installer :peertube: #PeerTube sur mon petit VPS à 1 coeur virtuel de 2.4 GHz...
Depuis, ffmpeg roule sans arrêt dans un nice à 15 (par chance), ce qui fait assez mal paraitre la page d'accueil de mon instance Mastodon avec les badges de netdata :
Il va sans dire que je ne pourrai pas en faire une instance publique...

(loud grumbling from the office) "…but why the [heck] did they collapse them in with the straight kids?"

I live in a delightfully surreal household.

, it works

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