Being down to only two officially-still-active , and a polar vortex, has convinced me to add:

Fingerless Mittens!

Yes, I want to be able to either knit, or type, in a room which is clearly uninsulated. And I am currently doing both and shivering.

Well, not both *this second*.

I really dislike Utub.

But I dislike people online being manipulated for political and commercial ends into believing conspiracies and completely illogical things which harm them and everyone else, too.

So watch this very cute video, and share it with people you love.

Right. So. : Watching and at the same time is NOT GOOD™.

Ripped sleeve back to the shoulder. Wrong size needles (3.0 mm != US size 3), and sooo many stupid errors.

New day, new progress.

Habs lost. Canucks won.

Learned the kid I finished a for is in the 86th percentile for size, and is starting to wear clothes for twice xyr age.

<looks at age-appropriate sweater>

Three days later I am up to the armpits of the sweater for up to 3x xyr age.

So I am trying to stay away from social media except briefly, once a day.

This is a fun rhythm, actually, as I see a snapshot of my personal fediverse as the sun spins 'round the planet - and my follows seem to have a wave-like synergy. Sometimes a bit eery.

As promised, pictures! The top-left photo is the tiny stripes being blocked. On feature I had not discovered before blocking is that the is reversible - a different look on the inside, but without any seams!

The grey pull-over sweater is the final result of modifying a pattern from a -flat to an in-the-round, seamless. It was not quite a success, but I know how I plan to fix some of the problems.

\o/ Yay me! The steeking baby sweater is off the !

Okay, I have to weave in the ends, sew under arms, and then block it before I dare let anyone see it. But there will be pics. Eventually. Soon, I promise.

Slightly belated post, because I *still* cannot figure out how to upload video to Mastodon.

Brouillant: "I like your brush. It is mine now."

Yesterday I went to the to pick up a replacement set of dpns (one of the cats, Tortue, loves to steal them one at a time and lose them under things, where I discover them every blue moon or so when I actually clean thoroughly.) I bought *nothing*else!* I was pretty proud of myself.

On my way back the store called to say a book I'd reserved a year ago came in. So today I get to go back and test my resistance to temptation again.

Okay, so, the cut went fine. The first went fine. The second steek I somehow ended up working the 4th stitch instead of the 3rd stitch, and things started unraveling. I have no idea how to fix this.

So I am just going to chalk this up to experience, hand it off to the recipient once I finish learning on it, and plan on completing a second one RSN.

Time to update one of the : the tiny stripes . Only because it is my first project, and it has priority for the moment.

The pattern is Tiny Stripes by PurlSoho, the is Line Weight Fingering, and Linen Quill.

I have effectively lost two days of .

While I would like to pack up a bag of yarn and sticks and go find someplace warm and quiet for a couple of days, it will have to wait a bit longer.

Ugh. Trying to make a sleeve in reverse of the instructions and from picked-up stitches is a bit mind-bending.

Brain yoga for .

Project 3: Tiny Stripes Baby sweater

Knitting in: Purl Soho's Line Weight (beige) and Linen Quill Fingering (heather charcoal)


Okay, so, yesterday I mentioned un-photographed . Naturally this bugged me. Now I have photos. Prepare to be threaded.


Everyone seems to be doing / / photos… I have no photos, but I *do* have three on the needles at the same time.

1. Ochre - messed up and need to fix the lace (which is why it is not done.)
2. Unisex Boatneck Sweater (baby) - modified the pattern to in the round, at the armholes front and back simultaneously now.
3. Tiny Stripes cardigan (baby) - just started.

Grr! Maths are hard. 'wide-enough' should be 20-25 cm. Why did I double this in my head? I have no idea.

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