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Assume everyone here is snowflake. Be nice, no porn, and tolerance for bullying/harassment nonexistent. Not your mom; this site will not put up with anything. Especially internet lawyering. Standard things:
  • Content warnings: Use them. Often. If you think, possibly, maybe, someone could react negatively, use CW. It is not about you. It is not about what you post. It is about other people in your community. Use freely; no one can complain about clicking on a CW.
  • Advertising / SEO: do not. We do not either.
  • Fediverse: This instance federates with most everything, but we reserve the right to selectively not.

    Our sole ability is to silence or shun at the domain level; if an issue arises, and is not dealt with by the offending instance administrators, that domain will be silenced or suspended

  • Privacy: Unless you use some means to encrypt your toots/DMs before they are stored in this instance, this instance's administrators can probably figure out a way to see them. They will not do so except 1) to act on serious and credible allegations, 2) if there is credible risk to an individual or this instance, or 3) to comply with a legal order. If secrecy is paramount for you, you are (currently) allowed and encouraged to encrypt your statuses by any means which is completely outside the control of this instance.
  • Enforcement: This is not a democracy, nor a government service; it is a privately hosted hobby provided at the whim of the provider. These are not laws or rules, but guidelines to encourage the ongoing provision. Toots which do not follow them may be deleted. Disruption may result in an account being silenced (only followers will see their toots.) Bullying or harassment will lead to account suspension. Non-local accounts may be silenced or suspended locally.

In the future, this part of the guidelines will include a listing of silenced/suspended domains and accounts, when I get time to do that.

Suspended domains
DomainReason (if any)
social.sunshinegardens.orgAdmin account engaging in hate speech, cyberbullying.
humblr.socialNSFW avatars
mstdn.foxfam.clubMass spammage by admin account
sinblr.comNSFW avatars
Silenced domains
mobile.coHate speech, misinformation
Silenced Accounts
Suspended Accounts